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Green and Growing Things is founded on the belief that it is our responsilbity to our children to nurture a profound sense of wonder for the natural world; never ending curiosity and appreciation of the abundant beauty. We believe that it is only from this place of deep love and connection that true stewardship of this planet will come. So point out that incredible sunset, crush eucalyptus leaves between your fingers and inhale the scent, crouch down and marvel at the ants with loads bigger than their bodies. Wrapped up in these little moments of mindfulness is a seed of change. A future filled with earth warriors heartens me greatly.

All of our products were born from the earth and will one day return to it. With a passion for treading gently on this magnificent planet we choose only sustainably harvested natural materials such as hemp and wood and strive to upcyle the overwhelming abundance of already existing resources to create new and useful tools. We can trace each and every one of our items back to it's source (and will be transparent about this) and are proud to say that their family trees are filled with stories of fair prices, ethical working environments and empowerment as well as small environmental footprints and sustainability. We quite simply, wouldn't have it any other way.